Thankfulness Turkeys for Catholic Grade School

thankful-turkey-for-websiteOne of the first social skills we teach to toddlers is to say “thank you” … and we follow up on that in preschool.

If a big kid holds the door for you, if a teacher hands you a snack, if someone compliments your cute new boots, you say “Thanks”!

There’s a lot to be thankful for, and this time of year we spend time talking about it … and doing something about it. Continue Reading

What is a religious vocation?

vocation-video-stillNow that I am both a teacher AND a vocation director, I dash between hats all day long. Recently, I combined them.

That’s because I wanted to make a video for vocation presentations. You might not need to make a vocation presentation per se, but I thought you’d be interested in the video as a tool for your own use. (Of course, you may be discerning your own vocation. :) Be sure to holler if you are!) Continue Reading

Teaching colors … patiently! :)

mouse-paintMy favorite book for introducing colors to young kids is Mouse Paint. It’s the story of 3 white mice who mix their 3 jars of paint to make new colors.

It’s a great visual for my preschool through second graders. They learn the difference between primary and secondary colors as we read. At the end of the story, we review. Then we put on our paint shirts and HAVE FUN! Continue Reading