(Catholic) Teacher Appreciation Week

preschool-girlsHe will teach you everything. (John 14:26)

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, so this is the perfect Gospel for the Catholic teachers among us today!

We have many teachers in our lives, the majority of whom we don’t have in school.

Our first teachers are our parents. I am blessed with parents who brought us to church and modeled how to make our faith the center of our lives.

When I was still young, my parents began an advent tradition that I hold dear. We would wake early every morning to light the advent wreath candle, hang a symbol on the Jesse tree, and have breakfast together.

It’s a ritual that taught me the importance of taking time to pray and be together.

My school teachers were important, too. I was fortunate to go to Catholic schools throughout my life and, again, I have my parents to thank for that. They could have had many more things – better cars, a better house – but chose, instead, to pay tuition.

One of my favorite Holy Ghost Elementary School teachers was Sister Bonaventure. Whenever we heard a siren – our school was close to the fire station – she had us stop whatever we were doing to to pray for the family for whom the siren sounded. I still say the Lord’s Prayer whenever I hear a siren today!

Another favorite teacher was from high school. Mr. Meis taught history. He was a great example of treating everyone as Christ: with respect, dignity and kindness.

In what ways was faith important in your family? If you are a parent, in what ways are you sharing your faith with your children? In what way did your teachers, whoever they were or are, underscore your faith? Let them hear from you during teacher appreciation week. They will love it!

Spring Break!

stef-and-mackenzieAfter a beautiful Easter day at the monastery, I’ve gone to Dubuque to visit my family for spring break (that’s my little sis Mackenzie with me).

We’ve been to Mineral Point and to Yellowstone State Park in nearby Wisconsin. Great spots, great fun!!!

I miss my students but will see them again on Monday. Really, I can’t wait!