Making 3-D Baby Jesus for Christmas

baby-jesus-featureTeaching in a Catholic grade school means weaving Jesus into every lesson. :)

So as we learn about 3-Dimensional art, we each get to make our own 3-D Baby Jesus.

A sewing friend (I don’t sew!) helped craft a U-shaped body that my preschoolers could stuff and draw a face on. (Some drew the whole body.) Continue Reading

Thankfulness Turkeys for Catholic Grade School

thankful-turkey-for-websiteOne of the first social skills we teach to toddlers is to say “thank you” … and we follow up on that in preschool.

If a big kid holds the door for you, if a teacher hands you a snack, if someone compliments your cute new boots, you say “Thanks”!

There’s a lot to be thankful for, and this time of year we spend time talking about it … and doing something about it. Continue Reading