A Lot of Firsts!

It’s been a long time since I last posted, but I ALWAYS run behind as I get ready for the 1st day of school. Thank goodness, today was the 1st day and I feel – as I do every new year – major joy and relief!!

Starting with new students and new ideas and new activities gives me energy and joy.

What fun it is to meet all the new little ones and listen to their stories! I’m excited to do … everything!

My joy is only outweighed by the relief that the school year has finally begun after tons of preparation and what feels like unending meetings.

If you’re a teacher, you know what I mean! 🙂

Annual Prep:

I always send the parents a back-to-school letter covering these areas: The Parent/Teacher Relationship; Parent Participation; School Attendance; Changes in Transportation; Birthdays. This helps the parents know what to expect and helps to answer a few questions before the school year begins.

I also send a postcard to the children, welcoming them – some for the 1st time – to the school year and inviting them to Unpack Your Backpack Night. Like many schools now, we have the students and parents visit the classroom and drop off school supplies.

We have fun that night. Besides seeing their new classroom and classmates, the kids and families enjoy a scavenger hunt and a simple dinner courtesy of the Knights of Columbus. The children love the hot dogs!

The 1st Day

Everyone is excited and nervous … especially me!! Thank goodness our 1st 2 days are half-days. We need to ease in.

Our favorite 1st book is “The Kissing Hand,” which I bet a lot of you know. For those of you who don’t, it’s about a little raccoon named Chester who is very nervous as he goes to his 1st day of school.

To help relieve his anxiety, Chester’s mother shows him the secret of the Kissing Hand. First, she takes his hand and kisses it. Then she tells him if he presses his hand to his face, he will receive her comfort and love.

Right before Chester goes to school he does the same thing for his mother, so that she’ll feel his love when she misses him.

We then make our own kissing hands, using cutouts and crayons.

When the kids are finished, they kiss their hands and place heart stickers on their kisses.

They give their kissing hands to Mom and Dad.

Mom and Dad’s homework, then, is to make their own kissing hands and send them back for their children.

I then hang the hands up in the classroom. That way when a student misses Mom and Dad, they can go find their hand and feel Mom and Dad’s love for them!

I always talk about Jesus during this activity.

I tell the kids the crosses we each have in the classroom are like Mom and Dad’s kissing hands.

They are reminders of how much Jesus loves us, and can comfort us … when we let him!


2 thoughts on “A Lot of Firsts!

  1. I really enjoy your posts. As a retired teacher, I love
    remembering the joys of teaching.
    My grandson Dalton is starting Kindergarden
    this year in Chicago’s Sacred Heart Academy.
    He is so excited !


    • Stefanie MacDonald

      I am glad you enjoyed the post. I also enjoy writing them. It is fun to share. It is so much fun to see the excitement of the little ones on their first day of school. I hope your grandson Dalton has a great year in kindergarten.


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