The mystery of a religious vocation

In today’s society, we do not deal well with the mystery. Mysteries are to be solved, not accepted and even – the horror! – embraced.

We read and watch mysteries with great excitement (sometimes we skip to the end to find out who done it). Scientists explore mysteries to get to the bottom of why. Our culture demands to know … everything.

Sometimes, though, we forget about the importance of faith … and trusting our path in life.


Wisdom calls Benedictine Sisters under 55 to play and learn

This has been a hectic but mostly wonderful summer (as you know if you’ve been reading my blog). 🙂

My most recent adventure was to Sacred Heart Monastery in Yankton, South Dakota, to a fabulous gathering of Benedictine Sisters under the age of 55 (this photo is of Sister Edith Bodge, who spoke to us on the theme of cultural shifts). 82 women attended from all of our Federations. Our theme was Wisdom Calls. Continue Reading

Thank you, Sister Phyllis

“Our lives were brought together for a reason and I will always be grateful. Thank you for your love, your wisdom and your understanding. Thank you for being a part of my life.”

This is on my coffee cup, a gift from a friend. But the words ring true in a new way today.

I say them now in silence to my friend, my mentor, my Amma.

Sister Phyllis, may you rest in God’s love. Thank you for being a part of my life.