Fun as a Catholic Sister

Between my ministry as a Catholic school teacher and my life as a Catholic Sister, people often ask whether I have any time for fun.

I usually laugh, because – although teaching preschoolers is a lot of work too – I think I have the most fun ministry you can have.

And I laugh because – although being a Catholic Benedictine Sister requires getting up for prayers way earlier than I would if left on my own – my life here is such a blessing! Continue Reading

Happy Birthday Fun

We enjoyed our first birthday celebration of the year in our classroom last week. Birthdays at the ages of 3 and 4 are very exciting and important events, so I try to make them special at school as well!

We have a birthday treat brought from home by the Birthday Girl or Boy. (I ask that no store-bought cupcakes be sent …  It looks like a cake shop has exploded in the classroom after snack when we have them!!) Continue Reading

On the Loss of an Amma

On Monday I lost one of my Ammas. Sister Germaine Cupp went to her eternal rest. She is now with God, and that is a great blessing for her … but I will miss her greatly.

Sister Germaine was a wisdom figure for me, with words of gentle compassion, hope and truth. She listened deeply and nonjudgmentally. I truly was blessed to know her, live with her and have her in my life. Continue Reading