Promoting Catholic Schools with $0 Budget

I am a quiet person, despite the fact that I work with lots of little kids all day. But kids are different: I’ve always said I can get up in front of 300 students and talk with no problem but give me 10 adults and I am terrified.

Last week I invited, organized and led a meeting with parents and teachers as we discuss how we, as a Catholic school community, could possibly market ourselves with no budget. I asked the group to try to think outside the box for new ideas for financing.

I would never have thought I’d be doing this calling and leading a group of people (adults ahhh!) in such an important cause.

I have my community to thank for my success (I didn’t faint). They have encouraged me to work – and stretch myself – for what I believe is important, and I think Catholic education is one of the most  important ministries we provide as a church.

As one of my favorite posters from National Catholic Educational Association says, “What our students believe is just as important as what they know.”

But many Catholic schools struggle with finances due to the rising cost of education. We need to inform ourselves and be creative in this effort. There are many resources and studies being done by our Catholic universities that provide us with wonderful information, including Boston College. They offer information about what different Catholic schools around the county are doing. Thanks Boston College!

Thank you, too, to all the teachers and parents who took the time to share ideas, volunteer their time and share their talents for our Catholic school. And thank you to my community and to Sr. Marilyn Ring, my formation director, in supporting me as I work to promote a concept I believe is so important to our local community.


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