Parent ambassadors make new families feel welcome

Oh my goodness, the first days of a new semester fly by. I need to catch up!

Last week we had an Open House, where we added a new activity. It has to do with our parent “ambassadors,” volunteers who help with everything from open houses to tours and other marketing events. We asked our ambassadors if they would be willing to partner with our new families and boy, did it work well. Continue Reading

What’s in a Name? Tiles, magnets, spoons: the whole kitchen sink!

What’s in a name? Well, for the young ones let me tell you, quite a lot!!

Learning our names isn’t the first task of our literacy center – the first task is just to play with the materials – but by about the third week or so we begin using those materials to write our names. Here are some of the ways that work great for us: Continue Reading

Not letting routine dull our reality

Routine and habit can so control our lives that our perception of ultimate realities can become dull.

We can miss important moments when we don’t expect them. We can miss clues to problems … to questions … to opportunities to change our lives.

If you are a single Catholic woman and find yourself stuck in a dull routine and habit, check in with God … and ask yourself if you’re being called to something new. Might it be a religious vocation! Read more!