The New Roman Missal: Part 2

Teaching preschoolers about the revised Roman Missal is not easy, to say the least. Lots of grownups will be confused! But I’m giving it a try … and incorporating a little teaching across the curriculum in the process. Continue Reading

How to Keep a 4-Year-Old on Task

Carter (I’m not using his real name) had some behavior issues today, but overall he’s been improving since the start of the year. Together, he and I have worked on strategies to help him stay in control. (Email me at for the form that you see at the bottom of this post and I’ll send it to you!) Continue Reading

A Cheery Way to Manage Behavior

I love 123 Magic! I have modified this wonderful discipline technique a bit to fit my style of teaching. Here’s how I use it with my kids.

Using a Traffic Light theme, I assign my kids colors based on their behavior each day. Green represents good behavior, Yellow is a little naughty, and Red means it’s been a rough day.  Continue Reading

New Roman Missal Lesson 1: “And with your spirit”

Catholic school teachers have been asked by the Peoria Diocese to prepare our students for the missal change beginning in Advent. How do you prepare 4-year-olds, I wondered. Impossible. They’re still fighting the urge to play in the holy water! (This photo is from our trip to the monastery. They loved our big hammered brass font … and wanted to play in it!!) Continue Reading