Grateful for God … Friends … Thanksgiving Break!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday for any age group. Preschoolers understand the concepts of working together … making friends … sharing: themes we work on all year. And that’s what we concentrated on during our Thanksgiving party!

We used the Stone Soup story to illustrate the themes. If you don’t know it, it’s about a group of hungry people arriving in a village. They ask the residents for food, but don’t receive any. So they take their pot to a clean stream, fill it up, add a stone and put it over a flame.

When townspeople come by to ask what they’re cooking, the people answer, Stone Soup. The townspeople begin offering ingredients from their homes, and the soup becomes nourishing and delicious, and is shared by all.

We talked about how the Pilgrims and Native Americans came together to share food in the same way. We talked about being grateful for one another and grateful to God.

Then we invited the 3-year-old class in to share lunch with us: soup, pumpkin pie and corn bread.

A great day before a much-appreciated break. Happy Thanksgiving!

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