Franklin’s Good Deed

Today one of my students was having a rough day. “Patrick” (not his real name) missed his mommy. He didn’t want to play with blocks or read. He didn’t want to play with the other kids. He was just having a crummy day.

Till he found my stuffed Franklin, that is! Franklin turned Patrick’s day around. Continue Reading

Being Present

The children love Father Greg. He’s always taking time to listen and play with them. Today he invited us up during the homily to tell the students a story with a puppet. We all loved it. Father Greg embodies the Benedictine value of being present to others, by listening with the ear of the heart (St. Benedict said that!).

I love sharing my life as a Catholic Benedictine Sister with others. Call or write me any time to ask me questions!! 🙂

Keep Celebrating Christmas!

We are happy to be together again after Christmas vacation. The kids are excited to tell and share what they received on Christmas and did over break.

Most of them don’t realize the Christmas season is not over yet! (In fact, the Christmas season doesn’t begin the day after Thanksgiving and end on Dec. 25. It begins when Advent ends – the last Sunday before Christmas – and ends with the Baptism of Jesus following Epiphany – Jan. 9 this year.) Continue Reading