Franklin’s Good Deed

Today one of my students was having a rough day. “Patrick” (not his real name) missed his mommy. He didn’t want to play with blocks or read. He didn’t want to play with the other kids. He was just having a crummy day.

Till he found my stuffed Franklin, that is! Franklin turned Patrick’s day around.

The kids love Franklin the Turtle because they can cuddle him, sit with him, and pull him in and out of his shell. Sometimes a stuffed animal is the perfect friend!

I have collected lots of storybook stuffed animals throughout my years of teaching … and even before, thanks to my parents. They began giving me storybooks and companion animals for Christmas and birthdays after I told them I was going to be a teacher. That was 20 years ago!

My mom and dad’s gifts have been a great help with my preschoolers.

They have helped comfort children on the first day of school and after arguments with their buddies. They’ve helped calm children down after a bit too much rowdiness. I love it when I overhear a child telling a stuffed animal, “I am going to read you this book and it is all about you!”

Our stuffed pals are pretend students, playmates, pets and friends. They snuggle in the rocking chair, take naps at naptime, enjoy a good scolding and keep right on loving anyone who needs it.

Stuffed animals are the perfect classroom “tools.” Thanks, Mom and Dad!

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