A Little Quiet … A Couple of Good Friends

After a vigorous week with the kids :), it was wonderful to come home to the quiet of the monastery and chapel. Sometimes nothing sounds better than … nothing! I also was renewed by a visit from a couple of dear friends.

Nancy and Maggie live in Cedar Rapids, where I lived and taught before entering religious life. We are blessed to have found each other. We have supported, listened, cared, loved and prayed for each other. Continue Reading

Sister Barbara Goes to the Skating Rink: A Catholic Sister Story for Preschoolers

Grace preschoolers are loving the Sister stories and coloring books for National Catholic Sisters Week. Today we read about Sister Barbara.

Although our Sister Barbara died a few years ago, her legacy will live on forever. She was a teacher in Alabama during the Civil Rights Movement, and she was determined to gain equal treatment for her African American students. Continue Reading