Sister Barbara Goes to the Skating Rink: A Catholic Sister Story for Preschoolers

Grace preschoolers are loving the Sister stories and coloring books for National Catholic Sisters Week. Today we read about Sister Barbara.

Although our Sister Barbara died a few years ago, her legacy will live on forever. She was a teacher in Alabama during the Civil Rights Movement, and she was determined to gain equal treatment for her African American students.

The preschoolers loved the story of her going to the skating rink with her students. She went because her students wanted to go, and she knew they would be denied entrance.

This is a different time, thanks in part to Catholic Sisters who have always worked behind the scenes for what is right. So we had to explain a little.

First, who is African American? We talked about that, pointing out that Alisha is African American. Then we talked about everyone’s skin color. Mine is tan! Mine’s tanner! Mine is … what’s mine? Oh, kind of brownish!

We talked about whether color matters. We are all friends of Jesus. We all have hands and feet and eyes and can laugh.

After all the Catholic Sister stories we’ve read, a light bulb went on and one of the kids said, Hey, Sister Stefanie, you’re a Sister!

I said, Yes, I am. Another child said, Who do YOU help? Another student answered for me. She said, Preschoolers!

I think they’ve got it!!! 🙂


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