Replacing Praise with Encouragement (Like Jesus)

I went to a teacher workshop recently called Using Praise? Change Your Ways! It was about using praise vs. encouragement. I was really surprised by what I learned.

I think most teachers were trained to use praise to encourage behaviors. I don’t know how often I say things like, I like how Tom is sitting on the carpet. Or, I like how Isabelle is doing her work at the table quietly. Continue Reading

Pennies … and Love! … for Pachyderms

At Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy, preschoolers dream BIG. Pachyderm big, that is!! And we did something about it!

Here’s the story: Last January during Catholic Schools Week, the preschoolers insisted they wanted to go into the community and do service just like the big kids. That’s a little tough on our schedule (many are half-day), and given our need for naps, snacks and jumping around, though. 🙂

Continue Reading

How Smart Boards make Smart Leaders

Mornings are always fun in preschool … and even more fun this year with our Smart Board! It really gets the kids up and moving while they learn. No desks for us!!

We received our Smart Board last fall. It looks – and acts – like a giant touch-screen tablet mounted on the wall, and it can do everything but tie the kids’ shoes. (Okay, that’s a bit of an overstatement. But it is amazing!) Continue Reading