How Silliness Saved a Not-so-Good Day!

We are approaching the end of the school year, which is good and not so good. Last Friday was turning into a not-so-good day. The students know each other very well by now, and at times become more like sisters and brothers. Yikes.

Last Friday, everyone seemed to be pushing everyone else’s buttons. The room seemed to be full of arguing and pouting and crying and just not getting along. That’s no fun for any of us!

Well, I have a new phone and was trying to figure out during play time (although it was more like tattle time last week) how to send pictures for my blog.

As I worked, a student came to me tell me how “Joe” is being bad. I just stopped and told her to make a silly face so I could take her picture. Oh my goodness, everything began to change!

All the kids crowded in to have their silly-face photos taken. We went from a not-so-good day to a great day of friends laughing and playing and learning happily!

Isn’t it wonderful when one simple, fun and loving action can change how the class is acting and feeling toward each other?


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