A Favorite Bunny Craft for Preschoolers

Easter is about Jesus and the resurrection, absolutely. We talk and sing and read and color about that a lot. The kids really get – and love – it … but they love the spring themes of bunnies, eggs and, ahem, baskets too.

Me, too.

One of my favorite kid crafts at Easter is the Big Bunny. I used to have my kindergartners do it, but hadn’t tried it in preschool. I worried that it followed too many steps.

But I’ve really missed the bunnies hanging on the wall at Easter time. So I began to strategize how to accomplish it. I thought, What would happen if we broke it up into smaller steps throughout the morning? I decided to give it a try. (I figured, the worst that could happen was for the craft to bomb. We teachers all experience that from time to time … and the students always survive.) Continue Reading

Our Week of Saints

I am calling this the Week of Saints in preschool. Not because it would take a saint to live in this preschool classroom, but because we are learning about 3 saints this week.:)

The kids already knew that we wear green on St. Patrick’s Day,  but didn’t know anything about the saint’s life. I showed them a cute video from Veggie Tales that shared some of his adventures. Fun! Continue Reading

Watching Pope Francis with Preschoolers

I love teaching in a Catholic school so much. Why? Well, it’s not the money (but then, as a nun I chose a life that would never be rich). It’s not the status either (ditto to the last sentence). It’s the … Jesus.

Take last Wednesday as the College of Cardinals burned white smoke. The whole school was excited! Every classroom turned on the TV (actually, we broadcast on our Smart Boards). We watched and discussed what was going on. Continue Reading

Our Superhero Jesus!

Who is the strongest, coolest, best superhero in the world? Ask my kids. Jesus, of course! 🙂


Superheroes was our theme last week and boy, did we have fun. We sang songs like I Don’t Have to be a Superman by Mary Rice Hopkins, Superhero by Go Fish, and Jesus, You’re my Superhero.


Superheroes weren’t just for singing about, though. We used them across the curriculum. 🙂