He Is Risen! Easter Season for Preschoolers


The Easter season begins with Easter Day and lasts till Pentecost (May 15). It’s a beautiful season to be teaching in a Catholic preschool!

We start Jesus time as we always do. We close our eyes, take some deep breaths and sit in silence. (Yes my preschoolers can do it … at least for a couple of minutes. As we sit, I ask the student to talk to Jesus in inside their hearts. This means we don’t hear anything, because it all happens inside.) Continue Reading

A Favorite Bunny Craft for Preschoolers

Easter is about Jesus and the resurrection, absolutely. We talk and sing and read and color about that a lot. The kids really get – and love – it … but they love the spring themes of bunnies, eggs and, ahem, baskets too.

Me, too.

One of my favorite kid crafts at Easter is the Big Bunny. I used to have my kindergartners do it, but hadn’t tried it in preschool. I worried that it followed too many steps.

But I’ve really missed the bunnies hanging on the wall at Easter time. So I began to strategize how to accomplish it. I thought, What would happen if we broke it up into smaller steps throughout the morning? I decided to give it a try. (I figured, the worst that could happen was for the craft to bomb. We teachers all experience that from time to time … and the students always survive.) Continue Reading