He Is Risen! Easter Season for Preschoolers


The Easter season begins with Easter Day and lasts till Pentecost (May 15). It’s a beautiful season to be teaching in a Catholic preschool!

We start Jesus time as we always do. We close our eyes, take some deep breaths and sit in silence. (Yes my preschoolers can do it … at least for a couple of minutes. As we sit, I ask the student to talk to Jesus in inside their hearts. This means we don’t hear anything, because it all happens inside.)

After silence, we review what church season we were in when we left for spring break (Holy Thursday), and what season we are now in.

We talk about how the church has changed. No more purple; lots of white! Father Freddie is also in white.

We read The Miracle of Easter. It tell the story of Easter and also talks about how we have new life because of Easter. Lambs, chicks, baby birds, and butterflies are being born!

Our Lent bulletin board is also changing. It now says He Is Risen, and we need to add new life with pretty butterflies.

Each student colors a coffee filter with markers (encourage the kids to color more at the edges than the center of their filters, as that’s the part that will be visible when done). Then we pinch the filters together in the middle, wrap pipe cleaners around them and turn the long ends into curling antennae.

The pretty new butterflies take wing on the board. Tomorrow we’ll add flowers. 🙂


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