He Is Risen! Easter Season for Preschoolers


The Easter season begins with Easter Day and lasts till Pentecost (May 15). It’s a beautiful season to be teaching in a Catholic preschool!

We start Jesus time as we always do. We close our eyes, take some deep breaths and sit in silence. (Yes my preschoolers can do it … at least for a couple of minutes. As we sit, I ask the student to talk to Jesus in inside their hearts. This means we don’t hear anything, because it all happens inside.) Continue Reading

The Power of a Jesus Picture

Well, we are back to it again after a week of Spring Break. I loved my time away but boy, I missed those little faces! 🙂

This week we are talking about Easter … which is still going on. (The Easter season lasts till Pentecost.) We use Easter pictures on our Smart Board (here below with our leader of the week), and Easter themes in literacy and math.

We talk about how much we love our plastic eggs and bunnies, hula hoops and bouncy balls. Easter baskets are a highlight of the year! But we also say we mustn’t forget about Jesus! Continue Reading