Visit Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy!

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I teach preschool at Our Lady of Grace. It’s simply a wonderful school, and I’m blessed to teach here. I hope you’ll come see it next Sunday (if you live nearby)! 🙂

In fact, we’re hosting an Open House for the public. We’d love to introduce you to the best school in the area, and love to welcome your children and your neighbor’s children to attend. Let me tell you why: Continue Reading

Ready for Lent at School and at the Monastery

Lent is a wonderful time. As Sister Susan wrote in her Sunday Facebook post, “During Lent we step back into deeper prayer; we listen more closely to God’s word to hear more clearly God’s call to us.” Lovely.

We have been preparing for Lent at the monastery. Each Sister writes to our prioress, Sister Sandra, about what she plans to do for her Lenten practice. Sister Sandra, who is our spiritual head, then approves it. Continue Reading

Counting to 100 with Preschoolers, Hooray!

If you teach school you know how much fun 100th Day can be. If you teach preschoolers, well, you can double that fun. 🙂

To start the day, we read Preschool Day Hooray! by Linda Leopold Strauss. It is fun and funny … just a good way to kick off the celebration of being 100 days into the children’s preschool year. (Where does the time go???) Continue Reading

A Throat Blessing

This year Feast of St. Blaise was on a weekend. No problem for us: we celebrated mid-week instead!

St. Blaise is a wonderful saint for children. For one thing, he saved a young boy from choking to death on a fish bone (which is why he is the patron of throat ailments – very important this time of year!). For another, he is also the patron saint of wild animals (he cured many, and even talked a wolf into letting a poor woman’s pig go). The kids love this! Continue Reading