Ready for Lent at School and at the Monastery

Lent is a wonderful time. As Sister Susan wrote in her Sunday Facebook post, “During Lent we step back into deeper prayer; we listen more closely to God’s word to hear more clearly God’s call to us.” Lovely.

We have been preparing for Lent at the monastery. Each Sister writes to our prioress, Sister Sandra, about what she plans to do for her Lenten practice. Sister Sandra, who is our spiritual head, then approves it.

I will never forget the first time I wrote my plan. I did it – duh! – via email. Sister Phyllis (who was prioress at the time) said receiving a Lenten plan via email was a first. (I am a great believer in cutting down on our paper use.)

We also have been preparing for Lent at preschool. What a challenge! How can we help little ones keep Jesus in mind?

One way is to help them think about it at home. This year I have sent home Lenten “homework” (shown below). It consists of 40 days’ worth of activities, from giving up TV for a day to playing a game with the family. Each activity is written in a square, and each group of 8 squares forms a letter. As each activity is done, the child colors the square. After 8 activities, the whole letter is colored in. Guess what the 5 letters of 8 squares each spell? 😉

I also send home Your Guide to Lent from Our Sunday Visitor.

We began Lent today with our Ash Wednesday Mass (I attended with my preschoolers; of course my Sisters attended in the chapel at home). Sister Catherine explains why we wear ashes in a recent blog. She also will be posting reflections for each Sunday during Lent. Check it out!

The preschoolers behaved wonderfully. It has been a wonderful beginning for the Lenten season. I hope yours is filled with blessings.

One thought on “Ready for Lent at School and at the Monastery

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