My Special Olympian

I’ve written about my youngest sister, MacKenzie, before. She is my bio sister, and an incredibly important part of my life. She’s beloved by my new family of Benedictine Sisters, too!

MacKenzie participated in the Special Olympics’ district basketball competition yesterday in Eldridge, Iowa. Eldridge is a small town about 30 minutes from the monastery. It was a wonderful event!

The opening ceremony was moving, and made the participants and their families feel really good. The events include both games and skill demonstration. MacKenzie participated in the skill demonstration events. She competed in shooting, dribbling and passing. She earned 2nd place!!!

I love Special Olympics because it demonstrates that all life is valuable and important. Not only can the athletes feel part of something big and wonderful, their families’ hearts are filled with joy as they watch their special family member shine.

Thank you, Special Olympics for all you do. Thank you for treating all life with dignity and respect. Thank you for helping my Special Olympian shine!!!!!!!!!


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