A Lenten Insight: Take Time for Yourself

Each Lent we pick one book as our Lenten read. This year I chose Make Time for Yourself: It’s your Time by Abbot Primate Notker Wolf.

This paragraph really struck me: “We cannot isolate ourselves from the tempo of our world, but in the midst of this pressure we must look ways of finding ‘our’ time. Life requires time.”

It sure does. A TV show I watched recently jumped into my head. The wife was doing everything she could think of to find time for herself. She went to the point of lying to her husband. Well, as in any situation comedy, the story got out of hand until she finally confessed what she needed. Her husband mourned that we will not have any alone time until the babies go to college. It’s a conundrum!

But we all need time to ourselves. That it is important for our lives no matter what our situation: married with 10 children, single with two jobs, religious with more ministries than we can count.

We all need to take time for ourselves. As Abbot Notker says in preface of the book, “And if I don’t take anytime for myself anymore, then life is not worth anything.”

Silent, private time is Spirit time. Make time for it!!

So enjoy those bubble baths, those walks in the neighborhood by yourself, or the quiet time after the children are in bed, the time when the chapel is empty at 10:00 at night. Don’t feel guilty. We need to gift ourselves with the God-given gift of time.

Come back for more reflections on my lenten book.

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