Loving the 3 Bears … and Whole World!


The Three Bears by Byron Barton is my favorite book to use in shared reading. It provides many great opportunities for differentiated instruction.

When we read it out loud together, it helps us learn how to use different characters’ voices for the “Who’s been eating my porridge?” lines. That brings it to for every learning level, and builds joy for reading. Continue Reading

He Is Risen! Easter Season for Preschoolers


The Easter season begins with Easter Day and lasts till Pentecost (May 15). It’s a beautiful season to be teaching in a Catholic preschool!

We start Jesus time as we always do. We close our eyes, take some deep breaths and sit in silence. (Yes my preschoolers can do it … at least for a couple of minutes. As we sit, I ask the student to talk to Jesus in inside their hearts. This means we don’t hear anything, because it all happens inside.) Continue Reading

Mass with Preschoolers Part 2


It’s been a long time since we grownups learned the parts of the Mass. We take for granted many things that perplex little ones.

As a Catholic preschool teacher, I am charged with teaching the children about Mass. Last week, I shared Mass for Catholic Preschoolers, Part 1. Here’s the 2nd part – 2nd week, in our curriculum – of our unit. Continue Reading

A Throat Blessing

This year Feast of St. Blaise was on a weekend. No problem for us: we celebrated mid-week instead!

St. Blaise is a wonderful saint for children. For one thing, he saved a young boy from choking to death on a fish bone (which is why he is the patron of throat ailments – very important this time of year!). For another, he is also the patron saint of wild animals (he cured many, and even talked a wolf into letting a poor woman’s pig go). The kids love this! Continue Reading