Loving the 3 Bears … and Whole World!


The Three Bears by Byron Barton is my favorite book to use in shared reading. It provides many great opportunities for differentiated instruction.

When we read it out loud together, it helps us learn how to use different characters’ voices for the “Who’s been eating my porridge?” lines. That brings it to for every learning level, and builds joy for reading.

A Goldilocks emergent reader allows us to retell the story in small groups at one of our literacy centers. We use a Popsicle stick puppet of Goldilocks to act it out as the students read. The more timid students feel braver in the small group, and are more willing to participate.

We also – of course! – tie it in to religion.

As a school, we are embracing Pope Francis’ Year of Mercy. This month’s focus at Grace is hospitality. The Three Bears is a great discussion starter!

We take time to talk about hospitality and  what it meant to Jesus, and what it means to us.

Then we talk about ways the 3 Bears might have been able to be hospitable to Goldilocks.

It was fun to hear the little ones’ answers: Baby Bear could have asked her to stay and play. Mama and Papa Bear could have helped Goldilocks’ parents find a good babysitter. ❤

I love teaching in a Catholic preschool, where we can love the whole world – and show it mercy – out loud. ❤

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