16 GOOD Little Ones!


School has begun and I have 16 wonderful children to teach and enjoy every day.

One of the first things we talk about is behavior. It never fails that one child (or more) struggles with rules.

To keep from letting this child get labeled as “bad” (a description I’ve seen follow children throughout their school careers), in my classroom we evaluate our behavior differently.

We use “right” and “wrong” choices.

Why? Because – as we discuss during Jesus Time – we are made in the likeness of God. God made us all Good! There is no such thing as a bad kid … or even a bad choice.

Instead, there are rules we can choose to follow. We can choose to make the right – or wrong – choice.

We use the Smart Board (below) to illustrate our discussion about right and wrong choices.

What happens when we make a wrong choice? God still loves us! We are still good!

But it’s time to say we are sorry and try to make the right choice next time. We talk about how to do that.

When students make a wrong choice, I help them understand why it was the wrong choice, and how to make the right choice.

I tell them God loves them, and I love them, and that God made them GOOD.


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