The Story of Creation for Preschoolers

kid-making-skyThe Bible creation story is always fun to teach. We get to create the world along with God … on the backs of our shelves!

We also get to talk about some ways in which the story reflects long-ago thinking, and some ways in which it’s still relevant.

We begin by reading a number of different stories, including the one straight from our Children’s Bible. Each day we add another piece of creation to our display.

Here’s the sequence:

Day #1: We read the story from the Children’s Bible and make clouds for the sky. The clouds are pre-cut from contact paper, and the students add cotton balls to make them look real. The display starts to take shape.

Day #2: Each day we review what we learned the day before! Today, then, we read Creation, by Gerald McDermott. We decorate pre-cut stars with glue and glitter (glitter is the BEST in preschool), and put them on the display.

Day #3: We read The Story of Creation by Beth Atchison. Then, we color coloring pages of birds and fish, letting them fly and swim about on our own world. (Thanks, Benedictine Sisters, for your help cutting the critters out!)

Day #4: By now, these smart young children are questioning whether the story is true. We take time out to talk about it. We learn that Genesis was written before science had advanced to the point it is at now. We learn that people were doing their best to figure out where they came from!

We also learn that creation is a long job. God has not stopped! Creation is still taking place, and we are part of it.

We read Becoming Me, by Christopher Gilvin-Cartwright, a creation story that is different from the traditional Bible version. We color more animals, and add ourselves to our world.

Day #5: We reach our final day of the unit before God’s 7th day. We compare it to God’s day off!

We talk about what we like to do when we relax on the weekend. We use those ideas to create a class book called What God Did on the Seventh Day. In it, God takes a nap, plays with the animals God made, and goes on a roller coaster ride. 🙂

This unit is a fun – and educational! – way to share the story of creation with our little ones.


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