F is for Firefighters!


Our letter of the week is “F,” so who did we call for a lesson? Our brave firefighters during Fire Safety Week, of course!

I begin the week with a Sing and Read Storybook – Firetruck by Ivan Ulz. It’s a favorite of the preschoolers and will be sung all year!

Other favorite firefighter stories include Firefighters A to Z, A Firefighter’s Day, and Stop, Drop and Roll. With the last story, we practice dropping and rolling in the classroom, another favorite activity!

All our literacy and math centers focus on firefighters, too.

For literacy centers we begin with the Emergent Reader, I See a Firefighter.

We also enjoy an ABC Letter Match with a picture of a firetruck. We match letter tiles to word mats that relate to firefighters, sorting by upper and lower case Ff.

In math centers, we play a grid game with firetruck. The PreK pages offer many different grid games. We also match shapes with firetruck and firefighter inside.

In art we create firetrucks out of shapes and make our own fire hats.

And of course we thank God every day for taking care of us and our loved ones … and for giving us such wonderful firefighters to keep us safe!


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