Learning about Our Beloved St. Francis


Father Freddie blesses the children’s pets, including our gerbil, Bennie.

St. Francis is a beloved saint. He showed us how to love and value the earth and all its creatures. That sure appeals to preschoolers (and their teacher)!

Last week we devoted our Jesus Time to him.

Monday – We watched a short video on YouTube about St. Francis called A Day in the Life of St. Francis (very preschool friendly). We talked about the video, and then colored a picture of him. (I got the picture from HappySaints.com.)

Tuesday – We used an emergent reader book about St. Francis. We read it together in class. (I used this also as a time to practice tracking left to right as we read each sentence.) Then we colored some of the pictures in the book.

Wednesday – We read and talked about The Circle of Days by Reeve Lindbergh. It’s a lovely book based on the song – Canticle of the Sun – St. Francis wrote.

Next, we began an art project based on the song. Using a paper plate cut to look like the sun and moon, we painted the sun half yellow and orange, and the moon half blue and gray. Here’s how.

Thursday – We reread The Circle of Days, and complete the art project from Wednesday by adding tissue paper.

Friday – Father Freddie came to school and blessed all the pets. Parent brought pets from home and we brought our new gerbil, Bennie.

St. Francis week is a fun, loving and caring week for us all!



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