A Throat Blessing

This year Feast of St. Blaise was on a weekend. No problem for us: we celebrated mid-week instead!

St. Blaise is a wonderful saint for children. For one thing, he saved a young boy from choking to death on a fish bone (which is why he is the patron of throat ailments – very important this time of year!). For another, he is also the patron saint of wild animals (he cured many, and even talked a wolf into letting a poor woman’s pig go). The kids love this!

Father Greg came to our classrooms on Tuesday to talk about St. Blaise and bless our throats. The kids were ready, as we had already shared about him in religion class. Then, holding 2 blessed (and unlit) candles lightly against our throats, Father Greg asked that we be spared throat ailments.

Religion class is the most wonderful time in a preschool classroom. We are all full of wonder and delight … and we look forward to integrating what we learn with other activities. Tuesday, it was the blessing followed by the coloring of a picture of St. Blaise! 🙂

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