Counting to 100 with Preschoolers, Hooray!

If you teach school you know how much fun 100th Day can be. If you teach preschoolers, well, you can double that fun. 🙂

To start the day, we read Preschool Day Hooray! by Linda Leopold Strauss. It is fun and funny … just a good way to kick off the celebration of being 100 days into the children’s preschool year. (Where does the time go???)

We then commenced the big task of counting to 100. We did it together and in pairs (I put the pairs together very carefully, with one child being a competent counter and the other still working on counting skills. At Our Lady of Grace, our preschool classes include ages 5 years to 3 years in the classroom. This way all students can work together and help – or receive help – regardless of their ability. It’s another way we weave Christian kindness and humility into our curriculum.)

Before we start, I share a tip with the kids on the Smart Board: if you make groups of 10, and put together 10 groups, you’ll have 100!!

We counted milk caps, dinosaurs, bears – everything we had. We counted our steps to the lunch room and our steps to the bathroom. We counted, counted, counted. It was a HAPPY Preschool Day, Hooray!!!!!!!!



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