Mass with Preschoolers Part 2


It’s been a long time since we grownups learned the parts of the Mass. We take for granted many things that perplex little ones.

As a Catholic preschool teacher, I am charged with teaching the children about Mass. Last week, I shared Mass for Catholic Preschoolers, Part 1. Here’s the 2nd part – 2nd week, in our curriculum – of our unit.

First, we talk about how we enter church for Mass. We enter quietly, because people are praying to Jesus. The children understand this, because we pray quietly to Jesus before our “Jesus Time” (religion class) every day.

We learn how and why to genuflect. We practice.

On the following day, we begin watching a video about Mass. I will start and stop the video throughout the rest of the week, as we pause to talk about what the children are seeing.

Today I stop it to practice making the sign of the cross and making responses to the celebrant. We also talk about how – and when – to use our voices during Mass.

On the 3rd day, we watch the video through the readings and the Gospel. We talk about how we must listen to the stories. Sometimes Father Fredi will ask a question, and just like in class, we need to raise our hands before we speak. If Father Fredi points at us, we can talk. Sometimes, he’ll want us to all answer together. Listen, I tell them, for my voice and if you hear me answering, you can chime in, too.

On the 4th day, we watch the celebrant hold up the bread and wine. I stop the video then and share how it becomes Jesus. We talk about how we’ll be able to receive communion in 2nd grade, but for now, we will cross our arms over our chests to show that we are asking for a blessing.

On the last day, we finish the video. We practice all we learned, and we practice singing the songs, too.

The children love Jesus Time, and love learning about the Mass. Their enthusiasm brings me so much joy! ❤

Stay tuned for the final week’s Mass preparation activities!

One thought on “Mass with Preschoolers Part 2

  1. […] in all, this 1st week of a 3-week unit (here’s Part 2 of how to teach the Mass to Preschoolers) is a joy to teach and experience with little ones who experience awe and unconditional love. […]


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