Mass with Preschoolers Part 3


The week has come, finally, to go to Mass!

We begin, on Monday, with a practice run (which we repeat through Wednesday).

Before we line up, I tell the children that we will be quiet and focused, as if we are conducting a fire drill (this happened in October).

It’s so important to behave that I warn them they will lose points if they misbehave. (I use a method called ClassDojo, which works wonderfully. Usually it takes just one student who tests the water – and loses points – to ensure beautiful behavior for the rest of the year).

Then we line up in “church order.” The line leader is a coveted position, and goes to the child I believe will be the best role model.

Then I put the children into line by church row, with the best behaved in front, stef-preschooler-with-praying-handsthose who need a bit more guidance in the next row (in front of teachers), and the ones who can’t sit still with the teachers themselves.

We walk to church with our praying hands in order to remind ourselves of where we are going, and why.

In the doors, we practice genuflecting. We walk – never run! – to our Mass spots (spread down the pew, don’t sit on top of each other at the end).

Now we practice Mass. We listen, we stand and sit and kneel at the right times. We get up and walk (not run!) to communion, where we cross our arms over our chests to show that we just want a blessing, not the host.

Then we line up to walk (not run!) out of the church.

On Thursday morning, we go for real. I must say I am very proud of my preschoolers. They did AWESOME! ❤

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