Mass with Preschoolers


Getting preschoolers ready for their first school Mass takes some planning. You need to share lots of information in bite-sized and preschool-flavored bits! 🙂

Here’s how I teach it.

First, we learn about the church building itself. We learn that it is God’s house, and that God has lots of houses. We learn that Catholic churches can look different but have the same things inside them.

Then we explore the EWTN kids’ website, taking a tour of its virtual church. Our smart board is invaluable for this step as we learn names for items in the church, like where we sit (pews) and where Jesus lives (tabernacle).

Then we go over to St. Anne’s, our school church. We compare it to the virtual church on the smart board. We talk about similarities and differences.

Then, because our kids come from 5 different parishes, I ask them to tell me about their churches.

Finally, at the end of the week, we go to Mass. Each preschooler is paired with a 6th grade buddy. It helps both kids behave well!

At the end of the day on Friday, I send home a few questions for the preschoolers and their families to answer after they go to Mass on Sunday.

On Monday, then, we share our experiences in the 5 different churches … and from my home church, the monastery chapel.

All in all, this 1st week of a 3-week unit (here’s Part 2 of how to teach the Mass to Preschoolers) is a joy to teach and experience with little ones who experience awe and unconditional love. ❤

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