All Saints Day for Catholic School Students


Good and bad news: Trick or Treat is on the weekend this year, so we won’t be in school for All Saints Day.

That’s good because – as all Catholic school teachers know – it’s hard to get good behavior at Mass or in class the day after the kids’ late-night sugar high. (And many of us have tales of sudden mid-Mass illness.)

But it’s bad because we won’t be together for the holy day.patron-saint-sheet

So the whole school has moved our celebration to Thurs., Nov. 5!

We’ve already begun preparing, by helping our students choose their own personal patron saints.

To involve our families, we sent home posters for everyone to help fill in.

Between now and our All Saints Mass, we will be sharing our saints in class, and hanging our posters at the back of the church.

Next Thursday, then, our students will wear badges that display their saints, and we will all – parishioners, family members and the Grace community – remember them together!

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