BOO! Grace Preschoolers get Haunted!


Halloween is a bewitching season for little ones (and some of us old ones, too).

Originally coming from All Hallow’s Eve (aka Halloween), I always connect our spooky fun with the special and meaningful All Saints’ Day.

But Grace also enjoys a long standing tradition of classroom hauntings. It happens one class at a time, as a ghost visits with treats and paper ghosts for the students. The students (and teacher) who have been haunted then reciprocate by haunting the next classroom, and so on. The haunting travels until the entire school has experienced it.

The preschoolers love planning what they will do to haunt the class they are assigned. This year, they also enjoyed being haunted by Ms. Bowman’s class, who made paper ghosts and Rice Krispies treats for them! Happy Halloween!!!!

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