Connecting Halloween with All Saints’ Day

If you’ve been following this blog since last year, you know I teach my preschoolers about All Hallow’s Eve (aka Halloween). It is a great way to connect our fun Halloween with the special and meaningful All Saints’ Day.

I begin by helping the kids compare the words All Hallow’s Eve with Halloween. What fun to see the similarities! I explain that long ago, All Hallow’s Eve was what they used to call Halloween, and that Halloween is just a shortened version.

We talk about how Halloween is the night before All Saints’ Day, the special day when we remember all the saints in heaven. We talk about what makes a person a saint. We talk about how trying to follow Jesus in a special way helps us all live as saints. We talk about the special things we can do to help us do that.

We watch a fun movie from Brain Pop Jr. (For those who don’t have a membership, the Halloween movie is free!) I stop the movie at certain points so we can talk some more.

Finally I send an article home for the parents. It’s called From black cats to the pumpkin patch: A History of Halloween.

One thought on “Connecting Halloween with All Saints’ Day

  1. […] Originally coming from All Hallow’s Eve (aka Halloween), I always connect our spooky fun with the special and meaningful All Saints’ Day. […]


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