Happy Halloween!!!!

Today is Halloween and are we ever excited!

Although we arrive all dressed up in our costumes, the first part of the morning we stick to our daily routine: working on writing our names, checking in for lunch, saying our prayer and singing our welcome song. By the end of calendar time, parents are starting to arrive to set up for our party.

We keep our parties simple in preschool. We start with a small parade through all the school’s classrooms. The older students enjoy seeing the cute little preschoolers in their costumes!

When we arrive back at the classroom, 3 stations are ready for us. One holds snack, one features a craft (this year we made ghosts out of paper plates) and one is a simple game (this year we threw bean bags into pumpkins mouths).

Then we dance! The one dance that is always a must is the skeleton dance. It has been a great day … but, it’s also great that it’s over till next year. 😉

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