Snow White and the 7 … Pumpkins?


Pumpkin literary characters are filling the Grace preschool classroom this month, thanks to a new project we’ve discovered.

The project is part of our monthly family activity, and it’s been super popular.

The monthly family activity asks preschoolers to complete a project with their whole family. Last month they decorated gingerbread people with characteristics they liked. For October, we chose a project that embraced the beloved pumpkin.

Here’s how it works: Each child and family are to choose a story in which a character can be represented by a pumpkin. They are to read the story, talk about it and then figure out how to change one of the characters into a pumpkin.

The parents are asked to help their students write book reports by answering some questions I provide.

Then they decorate a pumpkin to match!

When the students bring their pumpkins to school, they share the story in which their pumpkin plays a part, and they show off their pumpkins.

Everyone loves it! And the pumpkins are just what we need to decorate our classroom! ❤

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