Our Catholic Preschool Classroom is Sweeter with a S’more!

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By Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

Gerbils, hamsters, birds, rabbits, and fish have called my classroom “home” throughout my 20 years of teaching.

They have been part of our school family, teaching us about the importance of caring for all God’s creatures.

After our hamster died last year, I had to find a new pet. My sister, MacKenzie, loves her guinea pig, so I decided to get one for my preschoolers. Read more!!

Jesus Loves Me … and We Love Each Other!

Can you believe it? School’s almost over again. Every year I feel the same way. How can time go so fast???

Of course it doesn’t go fast for the preschoolers. They live in the moment (as we all should, at least more than we do).

Today one of my little ones underscored the reason I love teaching in a Catholic school … and miss it so much over the summer! She looked deep in thought on the playground.

My teacher associate, Mrs. Sierra, asked her what she was thinking about. She said “Jesus’ love for me.”

That just made my day. It’s why I LOVE teaching in a Catholic school. Helping the kids feel Jesus’ love, and helping them understand what Jesus wants them to do – love and serve each other – is what it’s all about!!! 🙂


Give Your Child the Gift of Grace!

Grace’s preschoolers are bursting with spring joy!!!

Spread the joy! If you know someone with a preschooler who hasn’t made a choice of school for next fall, visit Grace during our Open House on Sunday, May 18 from 11:30 to 1:00.

I’ll be teaching a brand new 3 day/week preschool program beginning Fall 2014!!!!!

P.S. If you can’t make that time, call Julie, our secretary, at (309) 755-9771 to schedule time that works for you!!!