Praying Like the Benedictines

1st-gradersToday was the first day of school and it felt very strange not to be knee deep in preschoolers!

The bad news is that I miss those little faces. But the good news is I could be outside with the other students to watch them begin the day.

It was delightful! 🙂

What commotion as the children began arriving. Suddenly I had a kindergartner wrapped around me … a student from last year. What joy!!!2nd-grader

At 8 o’clock, Mr. T gathered everyone’s attention. In good Catholic school form, we began with prayer. Together, we prayed the Lord’s Prayer and then we asked our Patron Saints to pray for us. They include St. Anne, Our Lady of Guadalpe, St. Patrick, and John the Baptist. We prayed a Hail Mary before moving on to announcements, the Pledge of Allegiance and our school pledge.

It was very Benedictine of us!!! That is, like my Benedictine Sisters, we began our day coming together for prayer. Those moments will bolster us all day long.

In the years I’ve served at Grace as a preschool teacher, I’ve never been involved in Grace’s common prayer time. (Preschoolers do pretty well with prayer, but extended prayer time with prayers they haven’t learned yet is beyond their attention span.) Anyway, I loved it. Happy beginning of 2014/2015!!!

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