No Ninjas Allowed (and other rules of the classroom)

preschool-with-stef-croppedPeople told me I wouldn’t miss teaching religion, now that I’m an art teacher. Pshaw. I not only love teaching “Jesus Time,” I insert it into everything I do!

Why? Because Jesus is the reason we’re here!!!!!

So here’s an example from our first day in art. We began by gathering around the rocking chair – each class (I have preschool, 1st and 2nd grades) is 30 minutes long – to learn about rules. (If you’re interested, here’s a great online resource.)

I told them, “We can’t come in like ninjas anymore. We need to follow these rules.”

Rule 1: Come in very quietly
Rule 2: Raise our hands to say something
Rule 3: Follow directions
Rule 4: Be sweet!!!!!

This is were our Jesus talk began. We DO need to be sweet to each other! That means we need to treat all our friends as if they are Jesus. (This is very Benedictine!) The students shared ideas of how to do this, like keeping our hands to ourselves and using kind words.

Rule 5: Create and Imagine! Here we talked about how God gave us our minds and imaginations and that we need to use them to the best of our abilities.

Rule 6: Volume Control! We must be quiet to be kind to all the other people in our building so they can concentrate on their work.

Rule 7: Sparkling Clean Up! We must care for all the things God has given us, which includes the art room and supplies. We must make sure the art room is clean and tidy for the next group. We must recycle all our used paper and not just throw it away.

Really, every one of these rules can be found in the Holy Rule. Benedict urges us to treat all as Christ, hasten to help and be kind to one another, steward all goods – including our own selves – as vessels of the alter. If you want to know more about any of this, give me a holler … and have a great start to your own school year!!!! 🙂

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