A Bunch of Simple Lines

arm-with-lines-from-preschoolCurvy, zig-zaggy, straight and dotted … diagonal, vertical, curly and broken: lines come in all kinds of forms!

Grace kids from preschool through 2nd grade are learning about lines this week, and boy have we had fun.

First, we traced our hands and arms. Then we filled the outlines in with as many glorious lines as we could. We used colorful markers. The results were all different but all beautiful!

Just like we are all different and all beautiful. 🙂

As we worked, we talked about what hands are for. They are gifts from God to be used for helping each other … just like we were helping each other reach the markers we needed next!

Sister Catherine is cutting out the arms now. When she’s done, I’ll hang them on the classroom board. I’ll post a pic, too, so you can see what a fun, beautiful and meaningful project a bunch of simple lines can become!!!

One thought on “A Bunch of Simple Lines

  1. […] are our hands (drawn during our unit on lines), preschool – 2nd grade, helping and holding one […]


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