A dot that takes a walk …

lines-for-next-blogIf you teach, you might create a Word Wall every year. I always used to as a preschool teacher, and now I’m working on one for my art classes. It’s a little different!

For example, our first vocabulary word is “line.” Turns out it’s hard to define … especially for little ones.

The line is our first element of art (see my last blog), so it makes sense to define it. I tried “a mark on a surface.” Well, “surface” is another unfamiliar word. So I took to the Internet to look for a usable definition that didn’t include other strange words.

The artist Paul Klee came to my rescue. He said, “A line is a dot that takes a walk.” Perfect!!!

Up it went on the art word wall, and onto our feet we jumped. We were dots, all of us. We dots took a walk … and had a lot of fun doing it!

If you have any easy-to-understand definitions for art words, please share. I’m on the lookout for definitions that preschoolers through 2nd graders will understand. Have a blessed – and art-filled – day!!!!

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