Preparing Classrooms – and Hearts – for School

Whew! July has been a very busy month, with 3 conferences and a visit with my family up in Dubuque. All of it was wonderful, but I am so glad to be back home and getting ready for school! 🙂

St. John Bosco is helping me. He wrote, “It is not enough that young people are loved. They must know that they are loved.”

His advice put me in mind of a story our own Sister Michelle shared about her time working with orphans. She said they were in desperate need of love.

Every day after the children had bathed, brushed their teeth and finished getting dressed, she would hug each close and tell them she loved them. She made sure they knew.

As we prepare our classrooms now with colorful bulletin boards, name tags and decorations, let’s remember the advice of St. John and Sister Michelle. Let’s prepare our hearts as well.

Let’s get ready to connect with each child, on her or his level, with the love they so utterly deserve.

Let’s make sure they know of our love … and of God’s love.

Because no matter how good or naughty their behavior, they are always deserving of love.


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