Summer means BINGO!

Or at least it did today, in our dining room.:)

During the school year, I’m never home during the day for events featuring speakers or performers. Usually the only Sisters who attend are our elders and those who work in administration. And I rarely am home for Mass (I go with my class at school).

But summer is different. When I’m not traveling – last week I attended a liturgy conference and next week I’ll be at the Monastic Institute – I’m home, attending prayers with the community along with other activities. And today, that meant Bingo!

It was fun to see the elder Sisters laughing and shouting BINGO. And it was fun to introduce our Taiwanese Benedictine Sister – she’s here to attend the upcoming Benedictine Spiritual Workshop and Retreat hosted here this year – to the game. Sister Juliana was a little mystified, but had lots of fun.

Hope you’re having a great summer. Be sure to visit our monastery blog frequently – that’s where I’m doing most of my posting till fall!!! 🙂


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