Unpacking Our Backpacks

Our Lady of Grace Preschool Class 2017-2018

It is hard to believe that summer break is over!

While I will miss being home with my Sisters (especially for Noonday Prayer), I love reconnecting with all the sweet little faces here at Grace.

It’s part of what God calls me to do: to share God’s love with little ones.

Unpack Your Backpack Night combines that call with my Benedictine call, as I practice hospitality to a large group all at once. For a Benedictine, that means greeting all as Christ.

Benedictines take the value of hospitality seriously. As Jesus taught us, hospitality calls us to accept one another, care for one another, forgive one another and love one another.

I squat down to introduce myself to each child – it’s important to meet them at their level – before introducing myself to their family members.

After all, it’s their new classroom!

We explore the room and toys and books while we talk. Everyone has a warm, wonderful time.

I hope your fall gets off to as great a start as ours has. Blessings to you!

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