Grace visits Benedictine Sisters

Whenever you put elders and toddlers (that’s Sister Mary Jane Wallace with her young pen pal on the left) together, you get magic. We sure had some of that yesterday when Grace preschoolers visited the monastery!

(Of course it was chaotic and everyone needed a nap afterwards … kids and Sisters both!)

We arrived around 9 am and went into the Heritage Room to take off our coats. Sister Catherine had created a beautiful display (behind glass windows) of some of our prettiest Nativity scenes, so the children enjoyed those while waiting for everyone to get ready.

Then we all trooped downstairs to the dining room where our retired Sisters sat, waiting for our Christmas concert. It was worth the wait. The kids did great! 🙂

Then, we decorated the dining room tree with popsicle ornaments we had made in class. Sister Maggie helped the little ones reach higher places on the tree (and enjoyed a few nice hugs, too).

The Sisters served cookies and milk, and when the children were finished, they had a chance to meet their Sister pen pals. They had been looking forward to doing that for several weeks!

We enjoyed Sister Mary’s fabulous Christmas village, and sang another song for Sister Catherine, who had been at a doctor’s appointment for the concert. Finally, we went into the chapel where we knocked over a candle and prayed the Lord’s Prayer.

All in all, it was a wonderful, magical, exhausting day. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for vacation!!!!! 🙂


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