Christmas comes to St. Mary Monastery in time for Grace kids

The first sign of Christmas coming has gone up inside the Monastery, as Sr. Mary Core has prepared for Grace preschoolers to visit on Wednesday.

(We also have hung wreaths next to our doors … but that’s outside.)

The Christmas Village has been assembled. On Saturday morning the great set up began. Snow transformed the tables into a crystal landscape. Small buildings began to dot the hills. Streams ran through the valleys. Trees adorned the scene.

Sisters and staff stopped by to see the progress.

We have watched the transformation of the gathering area outside our dining and community rooms for years. But for some staff members, it’s new! They asked Sr. Mary all about it and she shared about her years of collecting and creating.

Although we see it every year, we never fail to get almost as excited as the kids. It’s beautiful … and a little different every year. For instance, where will the nativity set go? How about the merry-go-round?

We are coming up on the final Sunday of Advent. My kids can’t sit still. We’ll be terrorizing the monastery on Wednesday, enjoying the village and singing our hearts out to the Sisters. The time is near!

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