A Jesus Moment

WOW! It hard to believe the 1st semester is about over and we are on Christmas break.(Whew.)

Every year I feel this way but seriously, where has the time gone? 🙂

The students learn so fast. They are already writing names, making patterns, counting. They know so much of the alphabet. Also, they are learning so much about their relationship with Jesus … and it shows.

We had a wonderful Jesus moment just last week.

One of the children asked where Jesus was, and they all gathered around to find out. (I’ve been hiding him around the classroom during Advent to build excitement for his birth.)

But one child had a different reaction to the question. He pointed to his heart. “Jesus is right here,” he said. What a wonderful moment that was for all of us!

I won’t see you here for the next 2 weeks, but I will be posting on our Monastery Wisdom blog, so check that out. Meantime, if you’re a teacher, enjoy your (well-deserved) break.

A very Merry Christmas to you. May this holy season bring you abundant blessings and joys!!!!!


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