Soul Food

If you spend any time with little ones, you know preschoolers love to pretend. We have pretend families replete with baby dolls that are carried all over the classroom. We have dogs and kittens crawling around meowing and barking. We have (another) Sister Stefanie teaching in a pretend school assisted by “Mrs. Sierra,” a TA. We even have a “Mr. Turnipseed,” our principal!

My favorite pretend game is Church. It usually starts in March (the children have memorized parts of the Mass by now). The table becomes an altar, and a variety of food and dishes from the kitchen are used. It is interesting to watch as the young students go through the actions of the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

The children take turns being the priest, but most often the girls play that part! They don’t understand roles yet, they just like to do it.

They are beginning to understand some fundamental ideas, though. A wonderful example of that happened during snack the other day, when Stacy held up her doughnut like Father Greg holds the Eucharist during Mass.

The children are learning that during snack – as during Mass – we are being fed. Sometimes our bodies are fed with food, sometimes our souls are fed with the Word.

I loved it! It’s wonderful to see our youngest students acting through what they understand. They obviously are paying attention … and it’s feeding us all. 🙂

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